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Interview questions @ Infosys

  1. Explain your project and role.
  2. What was your directory structure of your framework
  3. Where do you keep object repository
  4. How do you define WebElement.
  5. Web Element is class or interface
  6. How do you write java program to add 2 no.’s
  7. How do you access a function in a java program
  8. How do you define object in a class
  9. What are different components of selenium.
  10. What is your approach when you get build to test.How do you proceed.
  11. All things are not possible to test using selenium,What are those?
  12. what is regression.
  13. What is a test plan/ What is a test plan template.
  14. What is a test bed

SQL :- write a query to find out second highest salary of an employee and its name

Ans: select name,max(salary) from employee where sal < (select max(sal) from employee)

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