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Selenium: An impeccable tool for Automated Browser Testing

To the uninitiated, browser testing sounds simple enough. It would be imagined as the process of manually navigating through various browsers as they run your development code whether remotely or locally.

It enables you to visually examine that the application is working as you planned them to be from a design and functionality perspective. Testing this way can be a swift method to approve that code.

Still, it is not a testing method that comprehensively covers the full magnitude of your website’s codebase on the different types of browsers accessible to your clients.

The planning and process need to center around the tool optimization and accomplishing the greatest test coverage.

This is where automated testing truly makes its mark.

API Testing

API testing is software testing type that involves testing of application programming interfaces along with any automation tool like selenium.

Knowledge and experience of API testing is actually a need these days.

This Course is designed in order to start the things from the very scratch even if you don’t any prior knowledge on Soap Web services and REST API.