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Finding Job

lookin-for-jobWhat we do generally immediately after passing out for getting a job. Few people already get selected in campus interviews they don’t have to worry about job. but others. As being IT student i have gone through these. So i want to share my experience and few useful tips get increase your probability of getting a job.

so below are few points you should probably do after completion of a degree in order to at least get some calls. the list is in a order of easiest way to tougher way.

  1. Find some high level contacts in IT companies so that the interview will be less hard and can get easily job.
  2. If not high level at least some references who are already working in IT companies. it will at least generate call.
  3. Go to different companies small,mid, high personally and drop hard copy of your CV.
  4. Go to consultancies do registration (for 200/- to 500/-) and expect some calls. few consultancies take only registration amount or registration amount + ( some amount or 1-2 month salary ) . But remember that the interview has to be cracked by you only.[I once registered in a consultancy where they used to take original documents before they sent you to interview so that if you got selected you cant run away without paying them]
  5. Do a professional IT course from a reputed institute and get some interview  calls .
  6. Search IT companies list send your CV to all HR’s .
  7. Register yourself on genuine job portals like Naukri, monster etc with proper keywords. good resume and make daily updates. keep watch on daily job postings. daily search job with key words (e.g. technology : java experience :0 location : pune) apply them
  8. By the time you don’t have interview calls focus on the technologies where in you are finding Job. Prepare aptitude, written technical and oral interview.find out interview questions from internet, collect from those who gave interviews and prepare those.prepare for HR questions as well.
  9. Never Start preparing yourself one day before. always be prepared so that if you got call in the morning you should be able to attend the interview even in the noon.
  10. Keep on giving the interviews but always improve & take lessons from previous interviews don’t get demoralized   if you don’t get selected.

Out of above 10 points for first 5 there are comparatively less efforts and chances are there that you can get a job. People do get. I am not saying that you should not at all do according to first 5 points. But as long as my experience only your knowledge saves you and can give you success. If you are doing a professional course and don’t give your 100%, even if you are provided 100 call you wont be able to crack.

One more interesting thing RECESSION. The best escape/excuse  for your failure. I have seen there are 100 IT companies doing local business don’t get any effect due to recession. You should be prepared for start to work. in one of the seminar Shiv khera said very interesting thing. Many times people says that there is lots of competition. Today actually people are not even doing the work on the cost of whatever they are getting salary.But if you decide that whatever you will get you will work more than that. Then for you there is no competition. you become the competition for others.

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