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Cucumber course content

Cucumber is a framework which is implemented to support the methodology of Behavior Driven Development (BDD). the gherkin syntax helps business analyst to confirm that all the scenarios in testing’s are covered  or not. since the business analyst is quit less aware of automation / coding or specific manual testing standards that are used in test case documents

Prerequisite : manual testing, writing test cases , selenium would be better.Duration less than 1 month

Course Content

(As & when required things will be explained if the candidate is not aware of certain things)

  • Gherkin syntax
  • Setting up cucumber
  • Feature file
  • Step definitions
  • TestRunner
  • Parameterization :

– Reuse function with – different data

– Data Tables

– Parameterization using example Keyword

  • Tagging feature
  • Background keyword
  • Hooks
  • Background & hooks together
  • Generating reports
  • Page Object Model (with robust scenarios)