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Android Apps

(a) Forum App - to raise your queries (b) Motivational blog


Topics – (a) Interview preparation, ISTQB preparation, Manual testing concepts.(b) Web designing and Word press.

Practical Approach

what we read or listen might be different when we actually attempt for its practice. So 100% practical sessions.

Internet (wifi)

In order to access online tutorials and get the help from web there is need of internet.


Selenium can be implemented in java, c shap, python , ruby etc. but preferably it is implemented in java. So in order to start selenium Java is prerequisite.


Most popular automation testing tool . since it is open source it is mostly used in the software industries.

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Advantages of selenium

1. Selenium is pure open source, freeware and portable tool. 2. Selenium supports variety of languages that include Java, Perl, Python, C#, Ruby